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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (HELP)


Pre-university programmes that bridge the gap between secondary school and university, and prepare students for university.


-Equips students with a solid foundation in business and management theory so that they can operate effectively within the global economy
-Gives an excellent foundation for a career in financial services, marketing, consultancy or general business management
-The wide range of course modules allows students to focus on areas of particular interest or to prepare for specific professional requirements
-HELP CAT’s close ties with international industry and business ensure that course content is aligned with contemporary business practice
-The course will develop you intellectually so that you can continue to learn and grow after you graduate, enabling you to succeed within the fast-changing commercial environment

Intake and Duration

Feb 3 years
Jul 3 years
Sep 3 years

Entry Requirements



Some of the popular majors & minors:

    Business Management

Fee Structure(s)


Mode of Study Intake & Duration Fee Structure*
Feb 3 years
Jul 3 years
Sep 3 years
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