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Bachelor of Arts (International Trade and Sociology)-SIM

Pre-university programmes that bridge the gap between secondary school and university, and prepare students for university.


Developed and awarded by the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, US.

Candidates who have outstanding academic results may apply for direct entry into the double major program at the point of application. Alternatively, if students are enrolled in a single degree program and have done well ie. have been accepted into the major and are considered to be in academic good standing, they are eligible to apply for the double major program.

In the double major program, students can graduate with two majors and within the minimum of 120 credits. They will be awarded with one degree with two majors, not two degrees, regardless of how many credits are earned.

Intake and Duration

Jan 3yr
May 3yr


Some of the popular majors & minors:

    International trade and Sociology

Fee Structure(s)

Mode of Study Intake & Duration Fee Structure*
Jan 3yr
May 3yr
  • Course Fees S$58,935.60 - S$77,425.20 (102 - 134 credits)
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