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SEGi – Master of Business Administration (International Business)


Pre-university programmes that bridge the gap between secondary school and university, and prepare students for university.


The increase in globalisation of businesses today carries a dramatic effect on companies worldwide, particularly developing countries. Due to this trend, there’s an increasing demand in the market for business graduates with a strong understanding of the challenges faced in international business.
The Master of International Business offered by University of Greenwich helps you explore the complexity and diversity of business in an increasingly interconnected world. Designed for those of you who have completed an undergraduate honours degree in a non-business subject or for those who do not necessarily have significant experience in a business management role but wish to gain an advanced knowledge of international business.
The concentrated feature of the programme is the commercial relevance of the content with real-life case studies and professional management application, helping you to achieve high employment rates.
We’ll help you develop skills in assessing the global environment for business, identifying new opportunities and analysing international markets and industries. You will engage in critical analysis of international business and investigate the international context of business today. Shape your analytical, creative and intellectual skills as well as an international awareness of business, particularly managerial decision-making and enhancing knowledge of those highly sought after.
Overall, you’ll establish a strong foundation in business management, international business strategy, leadership and professional development, critical and analytical decision-making, business communication in an international setting and the management of complex information.

Intake and Duration

All year 2 years

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree with a minimum of 2 or more years related working experience
Professional qualification or diploma with minimum 5 or more years related working experienceEnglish Entry Requirements
IELTS 6.5 or SEGi English Language Test


Some of the popular majors & minors:

    10 Core Papers

    Foundations of Scholarship & Research
    Financial & Management Accounting
    Global Strategy: Analysis and Practice
    Competition and Business Risk
    International Business
    Issues in International Business
    Regulatory Institutions of the World Economy
    International Trade and Institutions
    Business Research Methods
    Advanced Professional Development and Research
    Plus 1 Project / Dissertation

    Plus 1 Professional Practice

Fee Structure(s)


Mode of Study Intake & Duration Fee Structure*
All year 2 years
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