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A Career in Administration

Secretaries (also called Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants and Receptionists depending of their specific responsibilities) perform important roles in companies everywhere. There is certainly a demand for those with the right secretarial skills.

Business companies, law firms, government agencies, clinics, hospitals, and educational institutions, all need people with secretarial skills to perform administrative works such as filing, stock taking, data entry, scheduling meetings, making reservations, booking flights, sending and receiving documents, research, and making small purchases for the company among others. Those planning to work in a legal firm or in a medical environment need to get the necessary knowledge and training before being able to take on any form of administrative job.

Taking on a job as a secretary requires a set of skills in order to perform the job well.

Students on secretarial courses will learn to acquire good oral and written language skills, communication skills, and public relations skills. These skills are important for writing emails and reports, for answering and making phone calls, and for representing the company whenever needed. On top of that, one of the major job scope of an administrative person is to work with drafts and paper work that the company or firm requires. Therefore, good organisational skills plus a good eye for detail are essential qualities of a person working in administration. Secretaries will also come in contact with business associates, partners, and clients. Therefore, good interpersonal skills are also important. A secretarial course will also teach students the skills to solve problems in a creative manner. This is important because many administrative people are expected to attend to urgent matters with solutions at their fingertips.

Furthermore, students will acquire computer skills, including the ability to use a variety of computer software programs such as Microsoft, Adobe Reader, and Dropbox. In addition, students will learn to use computer software programs to keep records and organize files. These are essential, especially since we are moving towards a more technology-reliant society. Students graduating from a secretarial course, will be able to store and locate files that companies or firms need quickly.

If you are comfortable with getting an office job, or if you see yourself having a career as an administrative worker, consider applying for secretarial courses. It will help give you a head start in performing well at the job.

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