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The career prospects for Communications graduates are wide. There are five popular areas of work that they can consider after graduating.

Mass communications is the effective transfer of information to a wide range of people through mass media platforms such as press, radio, television and the Internet. In Malaysia, many institutions of higher learning offer Mass Communications courses at diploma and degree levels. Mass Communications graduates can kick start their career in many fields depending on their skills and interests.
In simple terms, advertising is the promotion of paid content that is meant to inform or influence a particular audience. Most advertising is done by advertising firms who provide their clients with creative and effective communications to help build their brand and products. Many forms of media are used in advertising such as print, television, radio and the Internet. Some of the jobs in advertising include Account Manager, Art Director, Copywriter and Graphic Artist. Advertising is a great industry to join if you have a creative mind and enjoy working in a team.
Journalists are individuals who prepare written material for newspapers, magazines, online news portals and scripts to be broadcast. They are responsible for researching and assessing information before presenting them according to their company’s guidelines. There are many roles in the journalism world. Those who are interested in journalism can be broadcast journalists, editorial assistants, proof readers, freelance writers and investigative journalists. Therefore, those who are passionate about writing and presenting information in a creative way should consider becoming journalists.
Broadcasting involves the transmission of audio and video content through radio and television. The most common forms of broadcasting are news broadcasting, radio announcing and video broadcasting on web-based media outlets. The jobs in broadcasting can be divided into two: behind the camera and in front of the camera. Jobs in front of camera include news anchors, radio announcers, video jockeys and television hosts. Cameramen, producers, sound and lighting engineers can be found behind the camera. Broadcasting is suitable for individuals who enjoy entertaining an audience and informing them at the same time.
Public Relations
Public relations can be defined as the maintenance of a company’s or an influential person’s public image. Some of the job titles in public relations are Public Relations Officer and Media Relations Manager. Individuals who work in public relations have the role of maintaining the image and reputation of big companies and famous people. This field covers many areas including media relations, special events, crisis management, research, and social media representation. The daily tasks of public relations officers consist of keeping the public informed of a company’s current events, coordinating press enquiries and contacting media representatives to promote a company’s product or event.
Digital Media
Digital marketing and social media marketing is the marketing of a brand or product through digital and online platforms. Those who work in digital marketing are responsible for creating unique content whether it be Facebook posts, website banners, images or online content to promote a particular brand. These forms of content have to be effective and reach the right target audience. The effectiveness of online marketing can be monitored by the number of likes or followers on a social media page, and clicks and impressions on a particular website. Examples of jobs in digital marketing include Social Media Executive, Copywriter, Digital Analyst and Trend Spotter.

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