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You may be a student waiting for your SPM results, or a graduate with working experience contemplating a change of career this new year (Never too late jump on the new year, new me bandwagon). Regardless of your aspirations, the goal is to always change for the better so if you are wondering which programme you should choose, always look towards the future.
Social media, online advertisement, Google, Apple, sales, marketing, NBA and artificial intelligence, what do these have in common? Data.
Easy access to data has made the barrier of entry to industries more porous, increasing competition and pushing corporations to look for solutions that can provide them with an edge against their competitors.
Large and medium enterprises previously reluctant to invest in technology has now embraced the use of data analytics to catapult their business to new heights. Need more proof? Data scientist roles have increased over 650% since 2012, and with more companies riding on the trend of industry 4.0, digital transformation and artificial intelligence this number will only grow in the next decade.

A Bachelor in Computer Science would provide the basic set of data analytics skills to become a data scientist, but in today’s workforce having a linear skill set no longer sets you apart. An effective data scientist requires not only exceptional data analytics skills but have excellent communication skill to articulate data into useful insights to drive action and change as well. In fact, for the ambitious, the fastest growing jobs right now requiring data science skills are management, sales and marketing.
To become graduates who are effective in the workplace, look for programmes that has integrated data science into courses such as Business and Accounting creating robust students who are experts in data science and able to articulate complex data into actionable business strategies. To those that feels data science has sparked joy in their student life take initiative and look for short courses that will equip you with big data skills and advanced data analytic skills such as Python programming, SparkSQL, and Hadoop. These skills will increases your chances of obtaining a job after graduation.
Aspiring students who think integrating data science subjects into business programs is too nerdy remember Marvel, Star Wars, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are as nerdy as they come, but they make BILLIONS. Even the Houston Rockets are using data analytics to improve their game giving them the edge to become the next NBA champion.
Dr Lee Jun Yang
SEGi University & Colleges

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