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Driven by almost two centuries of academic excellence, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is the ideal place to develop your aspirations of a career in medicine or biomedical sciences. Established in 2009, NUMed, the international branch campus, draws on the legacy of Newcastle University in the UK. Since its inception in 1834 as a medical school, the institution has always been at the forefront of research and teaching.
Provost and Chief Executive Officer Chris Baldwin said the university began as a medical school in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne in Northeast England.
“We have been educating Malaysian students at our UK campus for over 40 years. Since the opening of our Malaysia campus, we’ve produced over 400 graduates here,” he highlighted.
NUMed offers undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc). The integrated hands-on five-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme is identical to the medical programme taught in the UK.
Similarly, NUMed’s BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences is a 2+1 programme where students study the UK equivalent course for two years in Malaysia and spend the last year engaged in an intensive research project in the UK.
In addition, NUMed also offers a Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme and opportunities for postgraduate studies. All programmes lead to the award of the same degrees as those studied at the parent campus in the UK. NUMed’s curriculum is also designed to enable students to develop learning habits that is beneficial in life-long learning.
With nearly 50 Malaysian nationals enrolled currently on its UK undergraduate medical programme, Newcastle remains one of the most popular UK destinations for Malaysian medical students studying abroad. The establishment of NUMed here in Malaysia means that future students will now have the advantage of getting the best of both worlds – receiving quality UK-preferred medical education in Malaysia at an affordable price.
Furthermore, Newcastle University prides itself in being a world-class centre of research excellence. Newcastle University was ranked 8th in England for combined Medical Units of Assessment in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014. Driven by a vision to advance knowledge and provide creative solutions to global problems, Newcastle University has been at the forefront of a multitude of groundbreaking discoveries. These include contributing significant advancements in the research areas of ageing, cell and molecular biosciences, stem cells and regenerative medicine, cancer and many more. NUMed’s robust research programme offers students the rare and valuable opportunity to work with the top-minds of their fields, gain research expertise and make a positive impact on society as a whole.
The essential factor for Newcastle University’s primary market position as a world-leading medical education provider is the quality of the educational experience. All quality-related activities are inextricably linked to contribute to the overall experience: well-designed innovative programmes are delivered to students by highly motivated and well-qualified academics complemented by carefully considered student support strategies and a firm ethic of scholarship.
To find out more about NUMed’s programmes, excellent facilities, and student life, visit www.newcastle.edu.my.

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