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With the idea that each individual has rights and civic responsibilities of being a member of the world, Sustainable Development Club and Community Service Society in collaboration with the Department of Student Affairs organised a three-day Community Awareness Campaign with the theme “Global Citizenship” at Sungai Long Campus from 21 to 23 November 2018.
The awareness campaign saw various activities such as exhibition and booths by IOI Properties Group, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM), iCYCLE® Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKJ) and Pusat Transplan Nasional, environmental talk on foreign plastic waste by Greenpeace Malaysia Representative Heng Kah Chun, as well as public and engagement campaigner from Greenpeace Malaysia. The awareness campaign successfully attracted around 250 people.
The importance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), nuclear weapons, waste management, dengue fever, environmental issues, organ donation and clean energy, and electric consumption were some of the topics brought to attention during the awareness campaign.
Through art and culture; the universal language that we all understand holds a great deal of power in connecting everyone from different mindset and interest in the community. With that being said, UTAR’s Music Club, Choir Unit, Wushu Club and Dance Club performed music and cultural performances at the entrance of KB Block of Sungai Long Campus to promote the idea of Global Citizenship concept that unites community members from different background to move towards positive changes.
According to the organiser, the feedback through a quiz held at the event, showed that a lot the participants were new to the concept of being a “Global Citizen”. Despite that, they do realise that it is their responsibility to contribute to the 3Rs (recycle, reuse and reduce), rejecting nuclear weapon supportive activities, protecting our environment by not destroying it, planting more trees, reducing waste and energy consumption, doing proper waste management, and creating awareness to everyone especially the future generation about Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of “Global Citizen”. Some participants also preferred promoting peace by not getting into an argument as they believe it is best to deal with things in a peaceful way. The participants also agreed that we should always take concern about the current issues and make a move about it; even if it is merely a simple act of helping people around us.
The three-day Global Citizenship Awareness Campaign ended successfully with the effort of the students and staff. The campaign not only brought attention to UTAR students about the existence of “Global Citizen”, but it also acted as a reminder that it is important for everyone to act and bring better changes to the community.


The Global Citizenship Awareness Campaign Cube during the campaign


The “Everything You Treasure” exhibition


A participant trying out the electric bicycle at the Clean Energy Corner


UTAR staff and students with Heng (sixth from left)


A game by IOI Properties Group to test the knowledge of the participants


One of the cultural performances at KB entrance of Sungai Long Campus to promote the concept of Global Citizenship


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