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There are many Malaysian students studying abroad. Here are the reasons why you should join them!


There are certainly more opportunities for studying overseas nowadays. A number of higher education institutions offers twinning programmes, student exchange programmes and credit transfers to encourage their students to study abroad. Here are some of the benefits that come with the journey of studying overseas.
A New Education Experience

The most exciting part about studying overseas is having the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a student in another country. Students will be exposed to a totally new education experience in terms of culture, learning environment and syllabus content. While it may be scary at first, students will get over the initial culture shock and learn how to adapt to their new environment. They get to learn about their major from a different point of view through being taught by foreign lecturers. Institutions abroad may also adopt different learning styles and modes of assessment.
Dive into a Different Culture

Students should also take the opportunity to learn about the culture of the country in which they are studying. Studying overseas allows experiencing a country as a resident and not a tourist since students will be staying in that particular country for a few years. In these few years, students can pick up a new language, make new friends and learn more about traditions and customs of their host country. Students can spend their weekends visiting museums and art galleries, and trying out local food. Exploring a different country allows students to appreciate the nation’s people and history, creating a more meaningful experience for them.
Travel to Nearby Countries!

Studying abroad also allows students to take advantage of their semester breaks and summer holidays to travel! For example, students in the United Kingdom can visit nearby European countries such as France, Spain and Germany. Travelling to nearby countries are much cheaper and students get to create new experiences with their friends. Students have the chance to be inspired by new places, expand their global outlook and transform into a global citizen.
Personal Development

Not only will students leave with a degree from a university overseas, the experience of studying abroad will make them grow as an individual as well. Those who have studied overseas will pick up skills such as independence, adaptability, willingness to learn and new language skills. In addition, students who choose to work part time will benefit from the working experience and at the same time earn some extra money for travelling.
Career Prospects

Having qualifications from universities abroad present exciting career opportunities as some employers prefer graduates who have spent a year or two studying abroad. Depending on the country the students are pursuing their higher education, they may also have a chance to continue working in the country after graduating. In addition, credentials from foreign universities will look good especially if students want to pursue their postgraduate degrees.
Studying abroad is a great learning experience and students should consider studying overseas even if it is for a year or two depending on their financial means. Alternatively, students can consider pursuing postgraduate studies overseas.

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