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Alumni Discount

Contacting each and every higher education institution in Malaysia for information on scholarships can be a tedious process. Here, we’ve done the research for you. Click on any in the list of private colleges and universities below to view available scholarships on specific courses, along with intake dates, criteria and other essential information.

Level Diploma Degree Master's

Art & Design

Baking & Cullinary Arts

Business & Management

Communications & Media

Computer Science & IT Engineering

Hospitality & Tourism Law

Value (RM) 10% - 30% tuition fee waiver
Duration -- Not Specified --

1. Applicant must be a returning KDU student or a child of a KDU alumni.


Returning KDU alumni are entitled to a 10% tuition fee waiver for degree programme and 20% postgraduate programme. Returning KDU alumni’s children are entitled to a 30% tuition fee waiver for diploma, degree or postgraduate programme.

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