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Sports Scholarship

Duration 1 year

Students enrolled in any programme offered at HELP University and who have
completed the required level/subjects at HELP University


Excel in Sports

Candidate must have:
i) Actively promote and participate in sports and other extracurricular activities
ii) Exhibits a high level of initiative in organising and managing extracurricular activities
iii) Shown proof of outstanding and exceptional leadership qualities
iv) Attains recognition for various achievements within HELP University and externally
v) Displays a high level of leadership capability as demonstrated by contribution to the HELP University


"In line with the holistic approach that HELP University adopts, students will be rewarded with scholarships
for their sports achievements garnered during the course of their studies at the University. These scholarships
serve to instill and cultivate a culture of active participation in sports to develop leadership and organizational
skills, balanced with good academic performance."

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