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Known as the provider of “One-Stop Education Fairs”, Sureworks organises three fairs annually, namely the Education & Further Studies Fairs and the Higher Education Fair. All three fairs are held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Since 1999, our fairs have become a destination for SPM, STPM and UEC school leavers, parents, teachers, university students, working adults, members of industry and the general public seeking higher education opportunities.

Accompanying the fairs is our official website,, which is a resourceful platform for those who wish to know more about the higher education industry in Malaysia. Resources we obtain from our fairs allows us to continuously update the website with useful information for our readers. Furthermore, the support from our team and industry professionals makes a one-stop platform for our readers to find the right higher education institution.

Register as a student to reap the many benefits has to offer. The convenient Search Bar on the homepage lets you filter out the course you are looking for based on your requirements. Click Courses to conveniently view the list of programmes and essential information offered by local institutions. Look for the right college or university in our Institutions section. Find their contact details, addresses, entry requirements and more! A new feature on the website is the Compare Institutions page which allows you to compare the basic information of up to four institutions.

If you are seeking financial aid for your studies, look no further than the Scholarships page. Over there you will find the scholarships offered by specific colleges and universities, along with their criteria and details. Stay updated on the latest news in the higher education world by clicking on Articles. Don’t miss out on any open days, achievements and programme discounts ever again! The Articles section also contains a number of advice articles, where you can read about a variety of courses and careers.

For information on our upcoming fairs, please click here. For enquiries, please contact us at +603 615 615 00.